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Interactive Learning Challenges in Temple, TX
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Exciting and Fun Interactive Learning Challenges, Powder Springs, GA

Boredom in meetings and the classroom is not conducive to learning. When students or colleagues are bored, it seems like no one is listening and no one cares. Packed full of motivational lessons, this program is a great way to develop excited, empowered, life-long learners that maintain high expectations for themselves in demonstrating positive behavior and academic progress. Our focus is on stimulating children's interest in learning by making it fun again.

Mission Statement:
Opening minds to possibilities and opportunities.

Interactive Learning Challenges

This activity-based workshop brings professional development events to life with Interactive Learning Challenges in Powder Springs, GA. The way Sharon sees it, it's okay — and even preferable — to leave a little time for some fun in the classroom. Learning is more enjoyable when a little dose of humor is involved!

Developing Talent & Skills

A little encouragement can spark a great endeavor. By developing talent, skills, and abilities, Sharon builds strength, courage, and patience within her students. Over the years, she's come to realize that it's far easier to build up a student than mend a discouraged adult.

Encouraging Creativity

A fundamental aspect of Sharon's program is sparking innovative thinking that results in new ideas, new processes, and new services. Speaking to each group, Sharon strives to educate the mind, touch the emotions, challenge the will, and foster skill development.

Professional Speaking

From corporations and government organizations to schools and colleges, Sharon's diverse background makes her an excellent guest speaker for a variety of instances. This one-of-a-kind background enables her to communicate key business principles while enriching her content with insightful and dramatic illustrations, stories, and humor. Sharon's events and teacher’s workshops are always thought-provoking and packed full of straightforward advice that participants can apply to their personal and professional lives. Her wit, excitement, and enthusiasm always win rave reviews. Through carefully developed and targeted keynotes, seminars, workshops, and conferences, she empowers her audiences.


"The guide book is very well written and the exercises are concise and to the point. The examples are geared to people in any walk of life."

— Keith R. 
UAW Representative, EDTP

"This is the best seminar that I have attended. Sharon was great. She was encouraging, exciting, inspirational and just plain funny. It was so good to see an African American woman giving a seminar. Finally someone I can identify with. Thank you!"

— Felecia B.

"With Sharon McDonald's positive energy, enthusiasm, and wit, this is definitely a must-see seminar. It is concise, informative, enlightening, providing applicable suggestions for work situations and personal growth. I really enjoyed this seminar."

— David C., MD

"I highly recommend this workshop for everyone. The workshop has positive, practical ideas that can be put into immediate action by everyone. The information given and the manner of the presentation were just outstanding."

— Yolanda J. B., Teacher