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Professional Development Service, Temple, TX

Professional Development Service, Powder Springs, GA

Keeping students engaged is one of the major components of the Professional Teaching Standards. But accomplishing this can be difficult. That's where Sharon comes in with her Professional Development Service in Powder Springs, GA. With staff development programs tailored to your individual needs, she helps you and your team members find new ways to engage learners.

Site Training

Before developing a fully customized workshop, Sharon offers clients site training. This process gives you all of the information you need before hosting a workshop at your place of employment, so you're fully prepared when the time comes.

Maximizing Your Development Budget

Having a workshop at your school or district allows you to maximize your staff development budget by training the entire team at once. Designed to deliver high-energy messages, the teacher's workshops are hands-on, teacher-friendly, and planned with the most current brain-based research in mind. The goal of Sharon's professional development service is to give teachers new ideas and activities to make teaching and learning more exciting for all. Additionally, with Sharon's workshops, you'll be able to:

  • Choose the Date of the Workshop
  • Have Training for the Entire Staff, Rather than a Select Few
  • Help Staff Perform at Peak with Research-Based Ideas & Activities
  • Tailor Training to Meet the Specific Needs of Your School & Office
  • Offer Highly Motivating Training to Teachers & Other Staff

Practical Teaching for Today's Classrooms

Learn how to tackle the toughest challenges facing teachers today in this interactive workshop. You'll participate in hands-on activities and receive instant results and feedback.

Math Made Easy

Mastering mental arithmetic is easier than you think. After you complete this workshop, you'll be able to mentally add, subtract, and multiply two-digit numbers in a matter of seconds.


Where Teaching Comes Alive

Sharon's on-site workshops can be tailored to your school's needs. Whether you want to focus on literacy, math, or organization, she delivers the results you want.